I am performer and drama teacher from Hertfordshire. I began training in theatre from the age of 14, taking a show to Edinburgh Fringe at the age of 17 where I very quickly gained a keen interest in not just acting, but also being on the creative team.

I enjoy making theatre that is outragous and pushes its audience aswell as it's performers. 

I am extremely passionate about creating a platform for women in theatre.

For me theatre is not just a performance, it’s a political and social statement. It has to say something to it’s audience, make them think and rethink their beliefs, behaviours and attitude towards the world we live in."



Founder of Optic Theatre, I am a theatre maker,  a writer and performer. I am devoted to creating challenging and exhilarating stories with raw and complex women at the heart of its pieces. I like to play, dance, draw and loose myself in the moment.

Having always loved visuals and sound, I aim to make theatre that goes beyond limitations. 

I am lead by my instincts, pulsated by sound and inspired by what I see around me. 

I am a mover, so all our work have strong roots in physicallity.

The best theatre creates a discussion, good or bad, either creating conflict or bringing people together. 


I am a director, food lover, deviser and puppeteer  currently studying at Birckbeck Arts. I am interested in how we can make new ways to challenge conversation

I love being part of a team that is so open and willing to dive deep into the work. 

I like questioning everything to try and get to the real heart of the piece. I like taking traditional stories and ripping them to shreds to find the most interesting way to tell it and how to revolutionise the way theatre is made. I am constantly inspired by people I work with, especially Jemma and Izzy.